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Hiking paradise Vorarlberg


Without doubt, Vorarlberg is a land for hikers and climbers. The beautiful province of Austria is blessed with the most wondrous landscape of alpine mountains, gentle hills and deep forests - all in their pristine natural conditions. What more could an avid mountain climber or hiker ask for? And this type of hiking holiday is perfect for the whole family. It is a great opportunity for young and old to enjoy the wonder and majesty of nature.

An especially good time of the year to enjoy a short hiking holiday in Vorarlberg is during the mild autumn months. The hustle and bustle of the summer season is over, the farmers markets are full of freshly harvested products and culinary delights, and the autumn cultural season is just beginning to kick into action - the perfect conditions of short autumn break!.
Apart from hiking and climbing Vorarlberg also has all the activities that everybody loves such as tennis, skiing, horse riding, snowboarding, mountain-biking, paragliding, and more. The pleasures of Vorarlberg are not limited to the sports and physical activities. If you are looking for some real pampering, for belly and body, Vorarlberg is the place to be. On the food side there are many traditional inns and restaurants where you can enjoy the culinary delights of the region and for your body there are wonderful health and relaxation centres where the tired, and not so tired, hikers can restore body and soul.
The fresh air, the absolutely stunning natural landscape and the magical peace of Vorarlberg make this the perfect holiday destination to relax and unwind and get away from it all. How could you not be but reinvigorated by this wonderful landscape, the physical activity, the great food? Come to Vorarlberg and see!

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